Traversing Trees:
Today, I’ll be posting my top fifteen personal favorites from a completely different segment – “Tree.” So, I’ll be considering either a complete tree or a part of the tree, which is unique. So, let’s not waste any more time.
No: 15:
My fifteenth entry would be this unique tree formation, Shoreline Blvd in California. I like the overall growth & the pattern.

No: 14:
The following picture is from San Ramon near my apartment. I witnessed the deeply engraved pattern that caught my attention.

No: 13:
The following tree is from Richmond, Va, near its capital building. The formation & the color of the tree force me to capture it within my frame.

No: 12:
The following picture is from Yosemite national park, where the formation of trees makes an individual pattern as a whole.

No: 11:
This umbrella-like pattern is not only an eye-catching feature. Look at the bottom part. Very few trees have such unusual styles as this picture.

No: 10:
Half moon bay in California always famous for its incredible landscape along with excellent tree formation.

No: 9:
This picture from San Ramon was an enormous tree, which was almost iconic to this place. But, unfortunately, authorities had cut down this tree due to a fire incident in 2020. Hence, I believe this tree will live forever in my picture.

No: 8:
Another installment from San Ramon. What a place to stay, which is a mix of modern lifestyle surrounded by nature. And trees played an integral part in this city.

No: 7:
My next installment is from 17-Miles-Drive, California. Another eye-catching place & a must-have for any visitor. This long drive situated at the end of California surrounded by forest at one hand & pacific ocean on the opposite side makes an incredible place to visit. And, on top of that, these unique tree pairs will catch everyone’s attention.

No: 6:
During my journey to Lake Tahoe, one of the fascinating places is to roam around the valley & explore such stunning formations.

No: 5:
The following is another stunning frame from Yosemite national park.

No: 4:
My fourth favorite is this partial tree formation in the seventeen miles drive.

No: 3:
My third favorite is again from seventeen miles drive. I call this frame -“Friendship Hands.”

No: 2:
I place the following picture due to its complex core & the gorgeous surrounding of the pacific ocean.

No : 1:
My personal favorite is this tree from San Francisco’s “Japanese Garden.” No word will be sufficient to describe this beautiful tree in the middle of the frame. Here for the first time – I have ignored the traditional one-third rule of photography. And, I’m absolutely fine with that. However, I like the overall composition.

Let me know your preferred list.

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