Stylish Structure:
Today, I’ll be presenting some of the Victorian-style architecture, which I’ve visited over the years. These buildings are unique on their own & they represent an era. On many occasions, they are synonyms for the place where they are present. Here is my top fifteen architecture.
No: 15:
Stanford not only an iconic institution; it also displays some of the fascinating Victorian style architecture. It is ironic.

No: 14:
My next entry would be from a completely different segment. This next image is from “Griffith Tower,” one of the astronomical places that showcase the brilliance of science, space & unlocking many mysteries in our deep universe.

No: 13:
The following entry would be the iconic “New York Library” glorifying its existence in front of the other modern marvels, i.e., “World Trade Center One.”

No: 12:
“White House” – perhaps one of the most photographed places in the world.

No: 11:
The following photo represents this British-era building – One of the fascinating art & craftsmanship. It is associated with lots of historical events & witnessed many ups & downs of India. The famous “Victoria Memorial” in Kolkata, India.

No: 10:
You will see the best European architecture when you visit this beautiful building – “St. Patric Cathedral” from NY.

No: 9:
The next building represents the “Jefferson Memorial” from Washington DC.

No: 8:
Another view of the “White House.” I like this composition as it captures the broad spectrum of its sheer beauty.

No: 7:
San Diego holds some of the stunning Spanish architecture. The intricate details on the walls are so elegant that one could hardly ignore them.

No: 6:
“San Francisco Capital Building” – perhaps one of the best capitol buildings in the US besides the DC.

No: 5:
The following entry is one of my personal favorites. Again, from the beautiful city of San Francisco. “Palace of Fine Arts” – as the name suggests, it echoes the same charm.

No: 4:
My fourth favorite is from the beautiful & gorgeous “Washington State Capitol” building from DC.

No: 3:
Another vibrant & fantastic view of the iconic “Victoria Memorial.” This iconic place becomes a synonym with the city of Kolkata (Formerly known as Calcutta – Capital of British India).

No: 2:
My second entry would be the gorgeous “Museum of Art” from San Diego, California.

No: 1:
My top entry again would be from San Diego, California. It has some of the most exemplary European architecture outside Europe. And that blends with the local Mexican art, which creates this unique fusion of craftsmanship.

Let me know about this post & I hope you will like this list.

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