Majestic Montage:
Today, I’ll be presenting fifteen of my personal favorites from the world of montage. I have captured these unique compositions in the US for a while. Let us explore.
No: 15:
This snap captures autumn’s essence in One Loudon’s heart, Ashburn—a city where locals toast the season with gourmet bites and top-tier vino.

No: 14:
This image showcases Georgetown’s private banking pinnacle, flaunting distinct European artistry right in the pulse of DC.

No: 13:
This snapshot captures an intriguing abstract architectural design that turned my head – the gateway to Arlington’s renowned mall.

No: 12:
This next shot captures the hustle of the “Silverline” metro at peak hours, as a packed train rolls in.

No: 11:
The upcoming segment dives into Georgetown’s lively district, radiating unique architectural flair and vivid hues.

No: 10:
I’ve always been drawn to capturing raindrops; their unique composition against stunning backdrops mesmerizes me.

No: 9:
In my next shot from Washington DC’s Penn Station en route to New York, the architecture and ambiance weave an enchanting illusion, elevating every traveler’s journey.

No: 8:
Up next is a shot I snagged at the Statue of Liberty’s base—one of the world’s seven wonders. I’m enamored with the composition, capturing Lady Liberty entirely with a wide lens.

No: 7:
Up next, is a shot from an upscale Italian eatery in DC’s core, where the table’s composition just demanded to be captured.

No: 6:
Next up, a mesmerizing NYC sunset view. Wisps of clouds, like pink silk, drape the city, mirrored in the gleaming high-rise windows.

No: 5:
Up next, a sunset time-lapse from Dumbo, NYC’s iconic spot. The golden hour’s magic envelopes the city and bridge backdrop.

No: 4:
Next in my portrait series, this shot captivates with its intriguing composition and the dance of light and shadow.

No: 3:
Up next, from my portrait and fall collection, a snapshot capturing the joy and vivid hues, elevating every traveler’s moment.

No: 2:
Up next, is an ode to the brave city cleaners scaling towering high-rises, ensuring the city sparkles for locals and tourists alike.

No: 1:
The final one is my treasured shot of the Brooklyn Bridge bathed in golden hour glow. This gem bagged me the “Top Pick 2023” Award from ViewBug.

Let me know your personal favorite from this list & also I would encourage you to list down all the names of the streets that I’ve presented here.

I’ll wait for your response. 😀

My sincere best wishes to everyone!

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