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Special Moments

Stunning San-Fran
September 25, 2022

After spending a fabulous time in NY, it is time for us to travel back to my place, i.e., San Francisco. I'll share my experience captured along with my digital lens to the rest of the world & share some of the stunning places that this city can offer.

An excellent final curtain at Miami
May 5, 2020

Traveling to Miami means you are getting out of the busy schedule & immersing in the world of water-sports, which releases all your stress. I cherished the excitement in beautiful & gorgeous Miami & its surroundings in every second. An unforgettable memory that will be there with me forever.

One day trip to Sea-World
April 25, 2020

Orlando was a fun-loving trip with friends. It was pure fun & release all your stress by participating in childhood like adventures. For one day, you became a child with no rules.

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