A fun-loving trip to Sea-World, Orlando:
As we completed the day one adventure at NASA, we had to plan for the next day at Sea World. If you remember, we were exhausted & was dying to get some food after our last show over there. Once we had our heavy meals, we planned that accordingly, considering primary inputs from our members.

As planned, we prepared ourselves within 8 AM the next day & started our journey a little early. We knew that we had lots of activities & shows over there. We reached Sea World by 9 AM. 

Again, we had to park our car in a different location due to the massive weekend crowd. And then we had to walk towards our destination. Finally, we reached in front of the ticket center. We had to submit all the online details to collect our single-day value pass. 

By watching the volume of the crowd, we realized that we were late. So, we might miss some of the shows mentioned in the booklet given to us while collecting the daily pass.

However, we didn’t cast any doubts about our capability & started our full-on drive over there. We quickly decided our strategy to cover the best shows first while watching the visitors flocked in the “Vacation Experience Center.”

We ran towards a theater, where there would be some show involving a group of a well-trained seal. The theater was somehow similar to the amphitheater in Italy.

Those seals were extremely smart & we were surprised to see how they performed the entire drama with their human counterpart. It was a pirate movie theme full of comedies & these seals played an essential part of the act. Not only that, but the trainer also asked the audience to participate in their play. The trainer was explaining the audience member regarding their role in that play. The rest of the audience was able to hear what the trainer told the volunteer through his microphone. These seals were even smarter than the audience by making lots of funny gestures behind the volunteer during this time.

The rest of the audience were bursts into laughs. However, the volunteer had no idea what was going on behind their back. Once that completed, all the seals stood in front of their respective trainer for their rewards. The trainer fed them with their favorite seafood.

It was a forty-minute show. But we felt that we spent hardly ten minutes.

After this, a couple of folks went for Jurassic Park ride. It was a different kind of experience. You had to get on a boat like a vehicle. That would go around a jungle straight from the movie “Jurassic Park.” And, we heard main characters were speaking about one escaped dinosaur. And, then we listened to a group of people was screaming & also we felt the vibration in the ground. As our vehicle progressed further, we heard multiple rounds of gunshots & the screaming of survivors along with the roars of a dinosaur. All of a sudden, we saw one person came towards us & shouted at us by saying, “Get out from here. They are behind us!” Many of the visitors screamed, thinking this was real. And, all of a sudden, one “Raptor” jumped from the nearest bush & took the man away. By that time, almost the majority of our visitors started to scream. And, this time our vehicle was at the top speed. Let me tell you one thing, for our protection, we all had to wear two kinds of seat belts as the vehicle would take lots of turn at full speed. Finally, the big “Tyrannosaurus” started running towards us. Also, it roared several times during the chase. At one point, it hit us with its head. And our vehicle almost toppled & it took a massive speed & finally went into a small hole & escaped from their wrath. To our complete surprise, we realized that we were now coming down in a water-filled slope to a stip dive. Once we landed, the water spilled out like a wave in an ocean & that’s when we stopped. 

All the characters in that show, including the dinosaur, was a projection of high-quality hologram. However, at that moment, we felt it like that was happening to us. After this, we came out through a beautiful sea aquarium, which had giftshop as well.

We went for another popular show known as “Antarctica – Empires of the penguins.” 

It was extraordinarily sunny & we had to wait almost for one and a half hours to reach the gate due to the long queue. 

Finally, we entered the theater. Again, we sat on a circular like a machine, which took us to various places. During that time, lots of information about penguins broadcasted. 

Slowly, we moved towards extremely chilly places & saw the penguins on the other side of the glass wall. We saw a group of penguins was starring at us.  

 Our arctic cab moved to another window.

One small penguin was inquisitive & showed lots of entertaining activities & even waved at us with its fin.

Another place we saw a group of them was busy in some problem discussion. And they didn’t pay any attention to us. 

We experienced this beautiful & intelligent creature without traveling to Southern pole.

Outside of this theater, we saw one person was performing some acts in the water without wearing any protective gear. 

He successfully released the bubble ring in the water & the circle was getting more prominent as it went towards the top of the aquarium.

Before went to the final show, some of our members decided to take another heart-wrenching roller-coaster ride, which took exception height of plunging. I preferred to stay at the ground & wanted to capture some moments using my telephoto lens.

They came back at 3:40 local time. Then we walked towards our last show. It was popularly known as “Shamu.”

We sat on the podium just in time. The show started within five minutes. It mentioned about one rescued whales, which had intelligence & learned lots of activities from their human trainer. However, they were dangerous mammals. On two occasions, two trainers lost their lives as it didn’t want to perform on that day & as a result, it killed her trainer. That created lots of controversies. And this incident raised a fundamental question about whether Sea-World should continue this show based on the moral & safety ground. However, after a rigorous study on this animal, better facilities, securities for the trainer & flexible schedule make this show appear again.

To our surprise, it performed some of the beautiful jumps from the water & many other acrobatic stunts. 

It also splashed water to the visitors who sat near the water-front.

We left speechless after that show. The exit led to one natural waterfront, where many cranes stood there & few of them hunted fish from the water. Sunset background caused a sparkling effect in the water. That added another charm. 

With that, we completed our day two trip to Orlando. The next stop would be Miami, Florida.

I’ll share my next journey in the upcoming post. Please let me know your feedback as you traveled with me during this lockdown time. I’ll be looking forward to your comments.

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