Grand finish to Miami, Key-West & Sunset point
We started our journey for our final leg to Miami, Florida, after we spent our funfilled day at Sea-World, Orlando. It was roughly five hours journey that we had to cover through busy roads.

We already checked-out our hotels on that day when we visited Sea-World. So, we started directly for Miami with two cars at 7:30 PM local time. I felt the entire tour like an ocean wave. One after another came to excite me along with a super fun trip with such a group. We all were hungry for two hours. Finally, we decided to detour to nearest places on our way to Miami. Debu was driving during all this time. He suggested calling a local Indian Cuisine & reserved the tables for our group. However, we had to convey the same message to the other group as well. I called Saurav, who was in the other car & we shared a list of restaurant names. However, Tiyasha from the other vehicle, came-up with this Indian restaurant & we all went to that place.

We reached there 10 PM local time. And, the entire restaurant was empty as they were about to close it. So, the waiter served hot, freshly cooked delicious Indian food at our plate. And, the owner came to us & told us that he waited for us as he knew we might struggle to find another such marvelous restaurant. Not only that, but he also gave us a pretty good discount on the food.

We thanked the owner & started our journey again. We reached our hotels at almost 12:30 AM local time. First, we dropped Saurabh & Tiyasha to their hotel & then the rest of the team reached our hotel & did our check-in. We booked three big suites for the rest of the members and had an excellent balcony. I was super excited. I removed the glass door dividing the patio & our room. Immediately, I felt the sounds of ocean waves. Also, I starred at the other side of the building & saw the beautiful glance of it.

And, as I told you, I was supercharged that out of that excitement, I didn’t notice the glass door was closed due to AC in the room. I was busy taking some of the night photos. I tried to call one of my friends & smashed my face & fractured my nose. It took me at least one day to recover from the headache after that. However, people around me were quick to provide ice-pack & other necessary medicines. And, the next day, I felt like a heavy drinker. I barely lifted my head at the sky.

All of my pain was instantly gone when I woke-up in the morning & saw the balcony view from my suites.

You witnessed one of the fascinating views of the Atlantic Ocean in the early morning. Distinctive sky color, along with the sun-light reflections, certainly added some brilliant texture in it.

It was a bright, hot & sunny day. And I saw the hotel lobby, which looked magnificent at this point.

People were ready to jump into the Ocean. We finished our breakfast at 9 AM. Saurabh & Tiyasha came to our hotel & we brought food, cold-drinks in containers. Miami is humid. So, you need to take lots of water; especially, you need to avoid dehydration. Hence, we brought two carts of Coke Can along with one cart of Gatorade. Gatorade is like Glucon-D. However, it tastes better than that.

We saw people suntanned themselves while enjoying the view & music. And, many of them carried books. They were listening to their music in the portable walkman while reading their favorite authors. Also, I saw a group of men was playing volley with the soccer ball. They didn’t use the hand. They played with their feet just like playing a soccer match.

At this point, I looked back & saw our beautiful hotel building from the beach.

Our folks spent almost four hours in the water. Perhaps, they experimented with all kinds of fun activities over there. I used my telephoto lens to capture some of the moments in my DSLR.

I was under the umbrella & sat on a bed, which we rented. Almost after every interval, folks came to my place grab a Gatorade & again, they went to participate in the water-fun.

I saw many people were busy doing parasailing. It reminded me of a scene from the Bollywood movie called “Zindagi Na Milegi Dubara,” where three friends dared each other & helped them to win their fear.

I was sure, in the beginning, anyone would feel the same until or unless they had already done that.

A small boat carried a group of travelers & roam around the nearby places in the middle of the Ocean.

After that, the group was exhausted & we returned to our hotels. We had our dinner at 9 PM. The next day, we had to travel for Key-West, which was further south from Miami.

We woke-up in the early morning & started our journey within 8 AM.

We planned to finish our breakfast at some point during the trip. This journey was extremely fascinating as we had to travel almost two hours on a bridge over the Ocean.

The bridge connected multiple islands on its way. These tiny islands had gas stations, & food chains like MacD, Burger-King, I-Hop apart from some local restaurants.

We had our brunch in I-Hop & then started our journey again. We reached Key-West at 11 AM local time.

This place directly came from a Cartoon Network movie. It had a distinct feature compared to Miami.
Even the cars were fancy, too.

We kept our luggage in the cars & went to the visitor center. I saw people were collecting their tickets for their joy-bus ride.

Every one of our group was discussing the next step. I decided to walk & tried to grab some of the different buses that I saw over there.

Some of the group members decided to go for para-cycling. Indranil, however, chose to learn quick Jet-Ski lessons from the professionals. So, we went to that place. It was empty compared to other areas.

At first, the professional explained the detailed process of jet-Ski & all the necessary techniques associated with it. During this time, I saw people also took their speed-boat & started exploring the Ocean.

One particular boat caught my attention. It was quite a low & it’s edge almost touched the water. I was not very sure whether people would like to explore the seas in it or not.

I saw one familiar face in the Ocean with the Jet-Ski & immediately realized it was our boy Indra. He finished his session & started showing tricks on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean.
We planned to take a two-hour cruise tour that includes food & beverages as well. I heard they would take us in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, somewhere near to Cuba & we would travel to another point popularly known as the Sunset Point.

We went to the ticket center to purchase. I saw one person was playing drums. He was enjoying his every moment while performing it for the visitors.

One thing I noticed over there that people were pleased with their life & they preferred to put their priority on personal life more than the professional life.

As planned, we started our sea venture at 1:30 PM once all of our group joined back.
We watched our boat started leaving the shore.
At one point, we couldn’t see anything but ocean.
We were at the upper deck & saw one sea-plane fly over us.

And, at one point, the ship stopped in the middle of the Ocean. And, we gathered one particular spot inside it. One door from the ground opened & we saw a thick square magnifying glass attached at the belly of the ship. This glass was so durable that even people could walk on top of that. And, we saw the ground of the Atlantic Ocean through that glass.

I didn’t expect that we would see such fascinating views of the Ocean. Various kinds of fish were roaming around it. It was super-exciting. After that show, they arranged the brunch for us. People flocked to the counter & awarded with local food along with their preferred beverages.

After the brunch, the local band group performed their songs. The ship started moving towards our final destination to Sunset-Point. We saw small boats were returning from there.

Slowly, we observed that the sun is setting towards the Ocean bed.

Beside us, many other visitors also flocked with their bots at that time. It was a breathtaking view.

At one point, we saw the sun was hiding into a forming cloud & slowly disappeared in front of our eyes.

We started back towards our shore. Once we reached, I saw the magnificent skies decorated with the Moonlight.

We reached our hotels & did our check-in for a single day. And, the next day, we traveled back to our daily routines.

And, here is our fascinating group.

These five days were one of my first travel & adventure journeys that I participated & I awarded the best experience of my life. I would cherish the excitement in NASA to a funfilled day at Sea-World, followed by beautiful & gorgeous Miami & its surroundings.

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I will come up with another long tour in the upcoming days.

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