Beloved Bridges:
We all have encountered or crossed some of the iconic or not so iconic bridges over time. Some of them are memorable due to their sheer size, how they look, or how engineers have constructed them. I have the opportunity to witness some of these iconic bridges over time. Today, I’ll capture a few of them in this post. This list will update over time as soon as I have the opportunity to travel to another such modern marvel. The following lists are my personal top fifteen favorites, including some of the place repeats here due to their stunning appearance over the different times.
No: 15:
The fifteenth entry would be a relatively ordinary-looking bridge from Miami to KeyWest. The unique feature is that this bridge crossed a length of seven miles touching the Atlantic Ocean. And hence the name Seven Mile Bridges. You won’t see anything at places, but water & you feel like in the middle of the Ocean surrounded you. You would love this bridge for the unique appeal of adventure.

No: 14:
I had the opportunity to visit Washington DC during the time of 2014. And, I saw this bridge connecting Virginia with the DC, which has some unique British-style architecture.

No: 13:
In 2014, we decided to explore Lake Tahoe. And, we’ve decided to travel via a special luxury train named “California Zypher.” During our travel, we’ve crossed several bridges. However, I like this bridge as it reminded me of two iconic bridges in Kolkata, India. Hence, I captured it. This bridge was there somewhere near Sacramento. I’m not sure about the name of this bridge. But, indeed, I loved it.

No: 12:
The Bay area has some stunning bridges. One of them is connecting SFO with Oakland in California.

No: 11:
From 2019 to 2020, I had the opportunity to work in San Francisco. And, I must say that it is a photographer’s dream place. You get plenty of subjects besides some of the iconic & stunning bridges. One of them is this Bay Bridge.

No: 10:
In 2015, another stunning Bay bridge during the eve of a New Year’s night.

No: 9:
If you visit India &, to be specific, Kolkata, you must see this bridge. This bridge is known as “Howrah Bridge,” one of the most iconic bridges in India & the first cantilever bridge in Asia.

No: 8:
If you want to spend your time in a boat & enjoy the background of some of the stunning bridges, then the following picture will give you precisely what you need. This spectacular view of the Golden Gate bridge will keep you speechless.

No: 7:
This picture of the Perrine memorial bridge from Twin Falls will stay forever, visiting this for the first time. The architecture, the arch & the height will help awestruck anyone surrounded by the land & river. This bridge is the eighth highest bridge (486 feet or 148 meters) in the united states.

No: 6:
Another of my favorite is from the iconic Golden Gate bridge. The mist & cloud created an illusion.

No: 5:
My top fifth will be this bridge from the city of New York – “Brooklyn Bridge.” This iconic bridge features many movies, series from Hollywood & has a great story associated with it.

No: 4:
Here is another iconic bridge from Kolkata, India. The “Second Hooghly” bridge is the backdrop of the sunset.

No: 3:
Here is my third entry of Golden Gate Bridge in the backdrop of the cloud. I like the overall composition of the frame.

No: 2:
I was astonished by the view of the Brooklyn bridge during my trip to New York in 2014 at night. Hence, it appeared my top two.

No: 1:
My personal favorite would be this photo of the Golden Gate Bridge from the Big Bus, which gave me a unique opportunity to capture different frames compared to most of the portrays of this bridge.

Let me know how do like this list? 🙂

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