Fantastic Flying Objects:
Most of the boys always like their toys. And, nothing beats when you are talking about cool cars or gadgets or planes or helicopters. So, Today, I’ll be presenting some unique frames of some of these birds.
No: 15:
The concept of hovering at a specific place & then move to other sites always amazes me. That led to my fondness for helicopters. This photo I captured during an evening walk in San Ramon, California.

No: 14:
I’ve captured this frame during my trip to San Diego. I was waiting for my cab to reach our hotel over there. Suddenly, I noticed all these commercial aircraft are taking off- giving me a perfect opportunity to take some decorated plane.

No: 13:
San Ramon gave me plenty of opportunities to capture nature-related photography. During one such early morning, I was able to locate this plane & its trail coming out from the engine, which created a perfect frame for me.

No: 12:
I took this frame during my trip to Miami, Florida. During our fun activities on the sea beach, I saw this magnificent seaplane took off from the water.

No: 11:
The next frame is from the San Francisco Air show, where team Patriots performed their acrobatic maneuver.

No: 10:
During my trip to San Francisco, I took this frame where this flight from United Airlines was making a perfect turn to reach the SFO Airport.

No: 9:
The following picture is from the grand Shuttle Atlantis. I kept it under this group, because, it performs standard glides like planes while coming out from space. I am putting it into the first vehicle to enter the space-plane category.

No: 8:
During my stay in Sunnyvale, I captured this trip where this aircraft took off from the nearest San Jose airport. I like due to sunset with the cloud background gives it a perfect smoky effect.

No: 7:
I captured this frame from my trip to San Diego. This chinook helicopter was showing some acrobatic move. I am always fond of the double-blade helicopter as these machines are incredibly complex to operate.

No: 6:
I captured this frame during my trip to San Francisco. The backdrop of the Golden Gate Bridge, along with the cloud, makes this frame unique.

No: 5:
My fifth favorite is this frame from the Blue Angels from the San Francisco Airshow. I used telelens with high speed to capture this frame as I was hardly getting a fraction of seconds to get any pose without the option of retry.

No: 4:
The next one is again from the San Francisco Airshow. One of the acrobatic performances by two Patriots, who were crossing each other.

No: 3:
My third entry is from the final events of the sequence mentioned above. It showed after the two planes crossed each other.

No: 2:
I marked this frame as “Crossing my heart .” As one of the patriot fighters crossing a group of fighters.

No: 1:
My personal favorite is again from the San Francisco Air Show. The backdrop of the Golden Gate bridge with a smoky cloudy sky and the colorful jet-stream from these aircraft created the illusion of rainbow.

Let me know how do you like this. 🙂

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