Profound Performers:
Today, I’ll be presenting my top fifteen performers take captured through my lens.
No: 15:
I am always fond of black & white photo if that involve challenges, especially in low light or uncontrolled condition.

No: 14:
During my trip to the maker’s fair in San Jose in 2017, I captured this Persian dance.

No: 13:
I found this composition interesting & representing the popular Bengali folk band “Dohar,” which performed in the Bay Area in 2018.

Another frame from the same band – “Dohar.” The founder died in an unfortunate accident before that year. They came to the US & tried to promote the Bengali folk songs, which the founder’s last wish as mentioned by them.

No: 11:
San Francisco is always open to street performers with full of creativity.

No: 10:
When you are in Vegas – the magnitude of everything that you will encounter is grand. That would reflect even in the popular shows as well.

No: 9:
San Diego offers many such stunning shows involving waters.

No: 8:
During the Durga Puja in 2018, I’ve captured a Cultural program arranged by Bay Basi in California.

No: 7:
Another frame from my San Diego trip was challenging to capture due to less light during the evening; it was a delicate effort to capture the frame that was happening so fast.

No: 6:
My next installment would be the brilliant acrobatic performance from the show -“Cirque Du Soleil.”

No: 5:
Here is my fifth entry from my Santa Cruz trip. I’ve never seen so much passion & energy of a senior performer enjoying every bit during her performance.

No: 4:
My next entry would be from another stunning performance from our last trip to Vegas – “Cirque Du Soliel.” You have to admit they have some innovative tricks in their sleeves.

No: 3:
My third favorite would be from the world of fantastic & happening, i.e., Miami. He was playing some of the charming drumbeats accompanying by famous Caribbean music.

No: 2:
My second best would be from my trip to New York. I was watching her stunning street performance & mesmerized by her skills. She was enjoying the response from the audience with an elegant smile on her face.

No: 1:
My personal best would be again from the superb – “Cirque Du Soleil” show. I am fond of this photo not only because of its composition but, it was challenging to capture with so little light. And, the hurdle is you cannot use any flash photography as that was prohibited. However, without flash, you can take the photo. Things were happening so fast & you won’t even get a second chance to capture your favorite frame.

Let me know how do you like it.

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