Best of Portraits:
As discussed in the earlier post, here are the top 15 of my favorite portraits from my collections.
No: 15:
I captured this frame during my early trips to San Francisco in early 2015. It was fun to roam around this beautiful place & able to capture some of the candid moments.

No: 14:
During a sunny weekend in Richmond in early 2014, Virginia, I experimented with DSLR with a timer. I used a wifi-enabled strobe & flash to capture this frame by defusing the light & make it available in a balanced manner besides the daylight. Both of these lights blend so well, resulting in a stunning well-balanced frame.

No: 13:
During my first “Durga puja” celebration in Sunnyvale, I participated in a Bengali gathering & fashion parade, where I find my young subject sitting patiently. Her mother approached me for a photograph of her. And I was able to capture her eyes, exactly what she was looking to portrays.

No: 12:
I tried to capture her excitement & fun through her eyes during her birthday celebration during my first Freemont visits.

No: 11:
I captured this frame in San Francisco of a visitor whose excitement, thrill, happiness captured during this trip.

No: 10:
One of the most significant Bengali communities in the Bay Area organized various cultural programs. I took this photo at the end of 2015 in San Jose. I like this photo due to the challenges of less light & control of the environment. Despite that, the picture comes naturally & made it to the top 10 of my personal favorite.

No: 9:
I like this photo because of the composition & location apart from the subject. I took this photo during my trip to Kolkata at the end of 2015.

No: 8:
He is one of my most difficult subjects to capture such a stunning frame due to his activity. After spending almost three hours with him, playing allowed me to capture this frame. It is hard. 🙂

No: 7:
I took this frame at the end of December 2019. The Bay area weather helped us capture one of the iconic, stylish photos during that time.

No: 6:
I took this picture during one of the festivals in San Jose at the end of 2016. She was sporty & photogenic.

No: 5:
I like this because of its composition in mind. One of my favorite frames from the tourists, who are thrilled to visit Madam Tussaud’s museum in LA & her smile reflects her enjoyment of this tour on every second. That’s why it made it to the top 5.

No: 4:
The train always fascinates me. When you have excellent composition, I won’t resist putting it within the top 5.

No: 3:
My first ever domestic trip after I started living here. This trip was a fun-loving tour & I was able to capture so many iconic & memorable moments from the mid of 2014.

No: 2:
Here is another from my Miami trip. You can see the fun, excitement captured in the subject’s eye—a trip to remember for a lifetime.

No: 1:
I chose this one as my top portrait because of the composition, lights, challenges & moreover, I was able to capture a performer’s essence.

Let me know – what do you think about this list?

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