Nature’s Best:
Today, I’m planning to share an entirely new category, which is also known as the Top 15 category. And, this one, we’ll be talking about nature. Similar posts will appear here that include different categories as well. I’ll post the picture one by one according to my preferred orders & will share a brief about them.
No: 15:
One cannot stand without happiness & satisfaction after watching this beautiful serene place at 17-Miles drive in California. One can see the brilliant view of pacific coastal areas surrounded by the beautiful deep blue pacific ocean.

No: 14:
It is not a snow formation on a rock. It is a composition of different minerals, including sulfur, inside Yellowstone national park, to be precise, near the mammoth lake.

No: 13:
Another beautiful place & my personal favorite – “The Grand Teton series.” I must say this is a unique experience to visit such a wonderful place surrounded by such brilliant rock formations & landscapes.

No: 12:
Yosemite – people know this name outside the US when Apple officially branded one of their O/S with its name. But, it doesn’t matter. One should visit at least once & enjoy the beauty of hills, rock formation & fountains.

No: 11:
Somewhere in Reno, while traveling, I got this stunning view & realized nature has its way of surprising people.

No: 10:
Another surprise from Yellowstone. It has never failed to impress me. So much beauty to consume for your soul.

No: 9:
Yosemite has many shades compared to other national parks in the US. This one makes within the top 10 due to the composition, diversity it can offer.

No: 8:
This panoramic view of another popular spot of Yellowstone certainly made my day during my trip over there. Sometimes, I wonder real-time artists display their craftsmanship by painting their landscapes.

No: 7:
When you are talking about nature, how can the “Grand Canyon” be left behind. During the evening, it can shower a lot many variations that one can imagine.

No: 6:
During early February, the entire Tahoe & the surrounding areas generally paint with a swift layer of snow coat, inviting many visitors.

No: 5:
This view of Grand Teton makes it into my personal top five lists. It has all it can offer. It has a stunning valley; it has hills; it has a river.

No: 4:
“Blue Lagoon” – I felt precisely these words while watching it – another view of Grand Teton.

No: 3:
“Twin Falls” should be within my top three. I have seen several falls across various places in the world. However, I’ve never witnessed such a combination of falls along with rivers & significant hilly areas. On top of that, the rainbow formations are cherry on top.

No: 2:
“Lake Tahoe” will be my 2nd charm from this list. Any words would be less to define the beauty of this place.

No: 1:
Finally, my personal favorite would be Yellowstone’s great place – the famous “Blue Prismatic Prism.” Its sheer color, vastness, beauty with a difference made my life successful on this planet. I cannot say anything more to define it. I would request you to visit this place & explore your inner soul & nature.

I hope you will like this. Please share your rank as well from this list. I would love to hear back from you. Till then, stay healthy & stay safe.

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