It’s birds paradise:
One of my critical photography subjects is birds; without any doubt that this is one of the most challenging topics for any photographer who loves to challenge themselves. It is like a gadget for the nerds. Over some time, I was able to capture some of my popular frames. Here, I will share my top 15 personal favorites.
No: 15:
I saw this “finch” was standing during an early winter evening. It was trying to stand as the wind is so strong that it cannot fly. It showed me the sheer resilience & patience of this tiny bird.

No: 14:
This “dark-eyed junco” caught my attention when I saw it playing with small branches with another pair. When it noticed, it starred at my camera for quite a long time before it started playing again. Environment teaches us to learn our security almost the same way for all the living animals – I believe.

No: 13:
This “black Pheobe” was taking a sunbath during the early California winter.

No: 12:
I found it very interesting that even these tiny birds sometimes give you such a pose for your photoshoot that compelled you to believe that they must have trained for the session. This “black-eyed Pheobe” exactly represents that elite group of birds who knows how to handle photographers. 🙂

No: 11:
I am always fond of California “Scrub Jay” for its colors. They are marvelous.

No: 10:
You can see lots of “western bluebirds” in California. They are tiny. Yet, they are quite challenging subjects for your photography.

No: 9:
I like this frame of another “western bluebird”. The contrasting surrounding makes it more attractive.

No: 8:
These pair of “Tits” were interacting on a branch after the falls. San Ramon is such a wonderful place for many such birds. However, this one is pretty rare – I must say.

No: 7:
Here is my favorite “hummingbird” – they are always fascinating subjects to capture.

No: 6:
A group of “red-crane” in Orlando was playing during the evening work-out. One will continuously hear their conversations like any other social animal.

No: 5:
This picture of two “blue-scrub jays” is closest to my heart as I witnessed that the mother collects food for her kid & then feeds it when it was hungry. It is universal.

No: 4:
This variation of “black-eyed Pheobe” was busy plucking food from the tree. It collected one-by-one seeds into its mouth & then flew to its nest, dump the food & again came back to the source for further plucking.

No: 3:
This family of “goose” reminds me how human parents protect their children from unknown dangers by guarding them against the front & also from the back. I noticed that the parent goose carefully guided its babies until they passed me by a significant distance & it represents the eternal family values.

No: 2:
I choose this as my second best due to the composition. Since childhood, I’m always a great fan of late oscar winner Satyajit Roy’s work in Bengali motion pictures & this particular frame reminds me of a specific frame from one of his loved movies. I took my camera out & captured this frame. However, I later realized the significance of this frame.

No: 1:
“Hawk’s” picture is my number one favorite due to its sheer beauty, power, speed, agility & fighting capability. Its sheer grandness & the way it spread the wings will mesmerize anyone, even its sole enemy as well.

Let me know what do you think about this list?

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