Marvelous Monochrome:
Since childhood, I was fascinated with a pencil sketch—all the classic black & white movies. I realized how one could create an illusion. Black & white can create many intricate moments & also hide many loopholes.

So, I’ll be presenting some of my favorites from the B&W collection –

No: 15:
This cat was monitoring the neighborhood – the kind of local officials who kept everything under control. 😛

No: 14:
Remember the scene from the Hollywood blockbuster Mummy, where the mummy & those zombies chased the hero. They escaped by driving this car. Later, Universal studio took this car. Now tourists can witness it whenever they visit the Universal studio in LA.

No: 13:
Grand central terminal in LA has some unique style & architecture. The giant arch gives a distinct look to it.

No: 12:
When you have plenty of time, one can experiment & spend their leisure time with anything in hand. If you love experimenting, you never know how the outcome will come out, even when using simple props.

No: 11:
San Diego offers culture, diversity along with the old tradition of Mexico. Once, these places filled with people, performers, visitors & many more. These tables & chairs were echoing their story.

No: 10:
Angel island – once it was known for immigration center, where the US kept them over days. These immigrants had to go through various processes before they were allowed to land on the mainland. These remainings of buildings hold many untold stories, dreams & expectations.

No: 9:
I get excited when someone offers me a photoshoot of a live performance. I always keep one segment in B&W. You can create an illusion with your skills besides the stage lights with the limited opportunity of errors. That’s what makes them more fun to take it. And, you will be delighted if you see your desired outcome.

No: 8:
We use these items daily. Why not innovate them & project through some form of creativity? 🙂

No: 7:
You are watching the streets of San Francisco through the glass of Big Bus during the summer holiday.

No: 6:
Early morning during January in San Ramon would create a mystic cloud around you. The fog would add more texture to it. One would feel like traveling through a medieval ghost town.

No: 5:
Moon, along with night tide, will bring a mesmerizing effect. And, that would add more when you add a human touch to it. And, it would reach its peak if you add an animal.

No: 4:
This little girl was busy playing hide-n-seek with her father. I find the innocence of a child captured more vividly in B&W.

No: 3:
The next photo is one of my personal favorites. I wanted to create a diamond kind of effect through Ice-cubes. The early morning sunlight helped me to achieve that. What do you think? 😛

No: 2:
The iconic grand central station amazes me with the sheer grandness & architecture. Daily, close to millions of people from NY uses the station for their commute. However, I find that this brilliant place offered a paradox of time. You would feel like watching a movie in fast forward in a never-ending loop. In short, you are inside a time vacuum, where nothing moves.

No: 1:
My best is from San Ramon central park. Another place that I cherish for quite a long time. This place is full of green. Evening sunlight coming out through the branches of trees, creating portraits of lights & shadows of nature. A slice of fresh oxygen within the busy, bustling city. ❤️

Let me know your feedback on the list. I’ll come up with another list. Till then, stay safe & keep yourself happy. 🙂

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