The rhythm of metropolis:
In one of my previous posts, I shared my personal top fifteen snaps of cities. This time I want to capture the essence, heartbeat of a megapolis, i.e., “City Life” or “Urbanity.”

I’ll cover the following cities that I had the opportunity over a while. These lists will constantly evolve as I’ll travel more & I’ll keep updating the list. I’ll mention the following cities: San Francisco, Kolkata, Los Angles, New York, New Jersey, San Diego, Las Vegas, Washington DC, Baltimore & Miami.

Let’s explore! 😀

Top: 15:
My number fifteen entry would be the pre-pandemic vibrating life of Baltimore over a weekend. It has rich history & culture. The majority of the people flock around the harbor area, busy at an open food court serving fancy dinner.

Top: 14:
When you are talking about spending life with luxury, including fashion, the first name that came to my mind is -“Beverly Hills” from LA. All you need a whole bucket of cash. 🙂

Top: 13:
Miami is a place where almost all the fun activities are associated or surrounded by beautiful green waters. And, people are accompanying its beauty along with it.

Top: 12:
San Francisco always amazes me with its vibrant lifestyles along with its signature weather. I was lucky to capture one such mood of a short rainy day.

Top: 11:
Two rickshaw-puller from a street of Washington DC caught my attention. They were taking a break before another drive in the middle of hot summer.

Top: 10:
My following picture would be from San Francisco. People want to spend some time alone even when surrounded by busy streets, noise & pollution. Yet, a brilliant backdrop of Bay-bridge makes it a perfect frame.

Top: 9:
One can see the evolution & the change of arts all over the country—no matter whether you can witness that in one of the most less anticipated places of Las Vegas.

Top: 8:
San Diego is truly one unique city with so much diversity along with the old & new traditions. People do not hesitate to spend their time in a popular pub with music playing behind their back. And, that would put some spice if one adds a dissent platter of delicious food.

Top: 7:
Who doesn’t know about “Times Square” from New York? Do you want me to tell you the specialty of this place? 🙂

Top: 6:
I can’t describe the city of San Francisco without portraying its heritage trams. Besides heritage buildings, well-known areas, restaurants, human lives & famous streets – iconic vehicles seamlessly integrate with the city life & become part of their identity. Would you agree? 🙂

Top: 5:
New Jersey’s city always played a deserving role to support its gigantic neighbor – “New York.” And, this city pulls off its distinct characteristics, city-life & creates a unique identity.

Top: 4:
I cannot define “New York” City-life without mentioning its iconic “Yellow”-cab.

Top: 3:
Perhaps what Paris does for Europe, San Francisco does the same for the US. It brings the brilliant street performers, who share their creation in the US, also they showcase the finest talent to all those visitors from across the world.

Top: 2:
My following picture is from the “City of Joy” – Kolkata. Two rickshaw puller was busy engaging with their prospective customers while finishing off the current ride. ❤️

More & more rickshaw puller are converting from hand-held puller to bike-driven. Still, you get to see the very last few remaining hand-held rickshaw (local people’s increased awareness – directly impact the requirement of hand-held rickshaws has reduced significantly over a period) going through the tiny inner-city lanes for ages. I don’t want to ride this as it may feel some of the earlier centuries’ technological limitations played along with human dignity. But, this used to represent the late nineteenth-century & early twentieth-century Kolkata.

I love the overall composition of this frame – a photographer’s dream!

Top: 1:
My personal favorite would be from the city of “New York.” This frame captures some paradoxical nature of that city, which never sleeps. The car behind the rickshaw driver represents the city’s own pace compared to his relatively modest life & prospect. 🙂

Let me know your personal choice from the above list.

I’ll come up with another list. Till then, stay safe & keep yourself happy. 🙂

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