Sensational Sanctuary:
For the last seven years – I have the opportunity to visit several national parks & their’s surrounding valleys & villages. Today, I’ll post my personal top fifteen favorite spots. Some of them are so huge that they have diverse landscapes. So, it will present a different landscape even when we are referring to the same place.
No: 15:
My number fifteen spot will be the deep forests from the Yosemite National Park. Walking through the road surrounded by high trees would undoubtedly give me goosebumps. It reminds me of my childhood day’s jungle book adventure.
No: 14:
The other side of Lake Tahoe. Another gem & a must-have place in your travel list. You’ll witness the beautiful blue waters of Tahoe accompanying by long trees.

No: 13:
The “Grand Teton” series will leave you speechless. It’s so huge that you will fill yourselves are so tiny in front of it.

No: 12:
Inside Yellowstone national park, this place is near to the Grand Prismatic Prism. We had to cross this boiling river to reach that magnetic place. I consider this place as one of the stunning bypass places.

No: 11:
I was staring at the Yosemite valley from a height of nearly 6000 ft.

No: 10:
I called this place “Door to hell.” Because of its dramatic nature of the composition. However, I was mesmerized by it.

No: 9:
Another marvelous place that I visited is from Yellowstone, to be precise, Lamar valley.

No: 8:
The Grand Teton series surround some hidden gems. One of the places that I visited is the below one.

No: 7:
Yosemite hailed for introducing so many gorgeous places.

No: 6:
This iconic image of a village is from the Grand Teton valley, where local farmers had set up this village almost a century ago.

No: 5:
I took this picture during my trip to Yosemite. A glimpse of hills out of the long forests will undoubtedly cheer you more.

No: 4:
I read stories & heard stories from my Geography teacher about this magnificent place, “Grand Canyon,” how was this place created & how big that area? I was amazed when I saw this place first-hand.

No: 3:
This fantastic fountain we witnessed on our way to Grand Teton from Yellowstone. One can sit without doing anything & enjoy the peace & take positivity with them.

No: 2:
I call this frame “Serenity.” It has created an illusion by combing lights & shadow & blended with nature.

No: 1:
My dream place & certainly my personal favorite will be the zoom version of this “Grand Prismatic Lake.” No words & appreciations are enough for this beautiful place. One should open their eyes & enjoy this fantastic surrounding. On many occasions, you will have a feeling of living on a different planet.

Let me know about this list.

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