The month of Jul (2021):

War Memorial – Arlington (Virginia):
One of the serene places, where you want to pay homage to all the America’s fallen. Though, its appeal is universal.

The sunset background makes it a perfect complement to this most respected venue. I’ve seen people come & pay their respect silently & then leave this place.

War Memorial Garden – Arlington (Virginia):
It would be amazing once you visit the beautiful garden of the War memorial surrounded. One can absorb the tragic stories & so many losses during all the wars. 

However, there would be an internal peace if you roam around this wonderfully maintained garden. You would feel the pain & yet you feel the calm.

Roslyn – Arlington (Virginia):
One of the dazzling places in the city of Roslyn. It has so many skyscrapers. 

However, people don’t realize that a group of cleaning workers risk their lives to make this city beautiful & make them shiny – appealing to the tourists.

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