The month of Jun (2021):

Arlington (Virginia): 
One of the fascinating places on the East Coast besides the vibrant city of Washington DC.

I took this picture in the middle of Jun 2021. The people from this city are active with their social life. You can see full of people inside the restaurants whenever there is a holiday. They prefer to interact with their friends, family with a glass of fine wine or crafted local beer.

Ballston (Virginia):
This place is gorgeous & another modern-day attraction in Arlington, where you see people flock over the weekend for fun & activities.

They have an incredible platform to feature new singers & bands to promote their culture. 

Roslyn (Virginia):
You can see plenty of aircraft always landing near the Dulles Airport if you are near Roslyn.

However, this will give you different shades; when you know a plane is landing through a cloudy sky during the sunsets, that creates an illusion of yellow-orangish rain of fire.

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