Twin Falls – Another gem on the crown:
I cannot deny more the deserving place one can consider with the duo (Yellowstone National Park & Grand Teton National Park & surrounding village), which I have already shared in my earlier diaries. One can opt for a memorable journey that should finish with a style. And, indeed, Twin Falls didn’t disappoint us. Another gem on our trip.

As planned, we started our journey from the Grand Teton village at 4 PM local time. We knew that we had to cross the Grand Teton hills & the roads were pretty scary. We received some suggestions to cross the mountains before the evening; that way, you could avoid the low light problems. So, we crossed the small Jackson airport & the surrounding town & went into the winding road of Grand Teton Hills. And, some of the places, the streets situated at significant altitude & one side, you could only see the big trees along with the valley below it. The other hand surrounded by Hills. It took us almost three and a half hours to cross that hill ranges. Finally, again we landed into the Idaho firming field & met the highway. I couldn’t see any other car on that road beside us. 

At that point, I took out the newly opened Indian Snack box, which we bought from my place. Earlier, we took coffee in the Yellowstone Visitor center & poured it inside our thermoflask for later consumption. So, I took out the paper cup & poured that locally brewed coffee along with our Indian snacks. I heard that we Indians are always fond of deliciously spicy food, snacks; if we had the opportunity, we didn’t miss any chance to show that. I felt that in every sense. A bite on our dry vujia, spicy & hot chanachur accompanied the hot coffee with it. And, this time, my buddy started streaming Old Bengali theater collections from Kolkata through his iPod. I couldn’t tell you how much we enjoyed our food, so as our ambiance. It was fun in its true spirit.

Finally, we reached the Twin-Falls hotel at 9:30 PM local time. This hotel was pretty good & well maintained – I must say. First, we did our check-in & went to our room for a hot shower. That relieved all of our stress & we regain our energy. However, this time we ordered our food in our room. We went to our bed by ten as we had to wake up early for the last day as part of our plan.

As planned, we wake-up at 8 AM local time & prepared by 9:30 AM. We did our brunch at that hotel & took out our luggage after check-out. And, after that, we started for the final leg. Thankfully, this time we booked the hotel, which was close to our spot. So, we decided – we went to another iconic bridge by making a small detour.

As you already know by this time, we had so many pleasant surprises whenever we did that. This bridge was not far from our hotel either. This bridge built a long time back. But, the structure looked stunning. Somehow, I could relate it’s architecture with one of the famous Hollywood movies named – “The Bridge on the River Kwai.”! Hence, I didn’t want to miss this opportunity either.

The bridge connection between the two lands separated by a river at a significant height. An exclusive platform created for visitors. People witnessed the structure of the bridge and the valley along with the river.

There was a place where people could park their cars. Visitors needed to come-down using the stairs to reach that platform.

It was another unique experience & not to mention a good one. I could see many river sports activity was going on from the top. However, the boat & the humans looked significantly small from there.

We stayed there for almost half an hour. Finally, we started moving towards our final holiday spot. It took us ten minutes to reach the main entrance of the Twin-Falls. The road was narrow (possible can fit two cars at one time), with no side protection. We had to climb down more than 500 ft using the snake-like street. And, finally, we reached our place. We parked our car just beside the visitor center and walked towards the central platform. By that time, we heard the roars of waterfalls from a distance. And, it was gradually picking-up with more & more noise as we approached. There was a wooden pavement that connected with a platform hanging from the wall of the hills, which led you to the stunning view.

At last, we saw that famous “Twin-Falls.”! I was flabbergasted with the sheer beauty of it. On top of that, the water droplets from the falls created the rainbow, which was another thing we witnessed. On the other side, you can see the river created out of this falls, flowed through the valley. That made our day. Truly an insanely gorgeous place to visit.

Even now, whenever I view these stills, it takes me to that down memory lane. The entire trip was surrounded by full of fascinating surprises.

Even this viewing spot is on the lower side of the hills.

However, they had plenty of green places & informative areas where you could learn a lot of historical references, which was otherwise known to the locals only.

We spent almost three hours over there & had our lunch inside the Visitor Center. Also, we took some cold-drinks, some more chips & other food items as we had almost ten hours to reach California. My buddy took two bottles of water & packaged sandwiches for both of us. At that point, we did check all our luggage as the hotel was still near to this place. So, we could have collected that in case if we missed anything. My buddy also filled-up the gas. Now, we had to go for a long haul. Finally, we performed all the check-list. I silently bid the place by saying, “Twin-Falls! The third precious travel stone that now I acquired”.

My buddy changed the destination to my home address in the GPS & placed some instrumental music on the CD. And, he kicked-off his engine.

I had a mixed feeling. I was going to miss this unique, vibrant journey that makes me sad inside. Nevertheless, I had captured some of the best frames through my lens, which I was excited about the outcome. Still, I knew that I might see more surprises on our way home. Hence, I kept one of my DSLR in my hand.

I was right. Just before entering Reno, I had witnessed one of the stunning sunsets.

By that time, we entered the Lake Tahoe forest; it was dark as the sunlight couldn’t penetrate the jungle. However, just before living Reno, we witnessed another breathtaking Sunset. And guess what! Again, it didn’t disappoint us, even when the adventure is about to get an end within three hours.

We took another two hours to reach Sacramento as the traffic increased. Like us, many people were returning from their vacations, mostly from Lake Tahoe. So, we decided to take our dinner at one of the well-reviewed Indian Restaurant named “Tandoori Grill” in Sacramento. I had an experience of good food from here during my last trip to Tahoe. So, I advised that to my buddy. He was also fond of Indian foods like me. So, we had our fabulous dinner over there.

It was like someone from heaven cooked fresh “Mutton Curry” (a kind of specially prepared goat meat with Indian hot spices) along with soft “Butter Naan” (soft bread with butter or ghee) along with some rice. Who won’t love it? We took a glass of “Lassi” (A sweet cold drinks prepared with Curd & Sugar) apart from salads.

The food was delicious!

We took almost one hour to finish our dinner. By that time, the traffic reduced significantly. At 10:30 PM local time, we started again.

It took me almost two hours to reach my home in San Ramon. Finally, reached my home. 

My buddy had to travel for another hour. So, I prepared some strong tea for him at my home while he went for a wash. I poured that in his thermoflask. And then he left. And, finally, he reached almost after one and a half hours & confirmed me via a text message.

I must say, this entire five-day adventure Bootcamp uplift my attitude, strength, positivity & it will live forever. A lifetime encounter of such a diverse, breathtaking view is rarely witnessed. And I am excited to acknowledge the fact that – “Yes, I did it.”! Thanks to my buddy, who planned it & executed it seamlessly.

Let me know your feedback regarding this trip. I’ll come up with another adventure in the coming days.

I’ll come up with another of my journey experience with all of you. I would expect your feedback.

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