Vibrant Cities:
One of my favorite subjects is the city. I have got the opportunity to view few cities in the US. This list mostly talks about those cities I visited, some of the famous landmarks, which seamlessly represent the city that left a strong impact. However, these lists will update as soon as I see some new place & arrange my order accordingly.

Let’s explore! 😀

No: 15:
I choose this stadium in San Francisco because of its sheer size & how it integrates with the city’s sporting spirit.

No: 14:
DC is a place where you would find it full of historic places. I liked this frame to show another side of the city. You need to maintain something regularly to make it iconic. And, the same theory applies to the historical monument as well. What do you think?

No: 13:
Another fascinating modern-day marvel would be this “Chrysler”-building, which happens to be the world’s tallest building once before lost its battle to another phenomenon in the same city.

No: 12:
Here is the famous building, which appears to be one of the prime locations for the movie “The King Kong.” Do you want me to tell you the name? Yes. You guessed it right. It is the “Empire State Building.”

No: 11:
Another lost star – Reno. Once upon a time, Reno used to dominate, which Las Vegas is doing it now. I think history teaches us & talks about these lost cities over time.

No: 10:
I consider this photo within the top ten because of its unique architecture. One of the fascinating cities that creates dreams & illusions – Los angles, hosts “Hollywood” for the entire world. 

No: 9:
I like the composition of this photo. No doubt the city of Charlotte has some stunning views to offer.

No: 8:
Another favorite will be the show buzz’s paradise – the city of Las Vegas, where people come, people enjoy & leave with some of the fascinating memories. The shining building of Vegas carrying a resonance of sunsets will be the perfect one to stay at the top eight.

No: 7:
I like this photo as it represents the advanced western city sparkled with nightlife full of activities.

No: 6:
I would consider the New York City tour is not complete until you capture it from a far distance from the bay.

No: 5:
I kept this photo of San Francisco because it’s an illusion. This city will offer you such a stunning mystical appearance during the winter that one can hardly ignore.

No: 4:
If you visit Baltimore once, it will live in your memory forever.

No: 3:
I don’t think you would disagree with me that New York has much to offer as a city. Hence, it is evident that you will find multiple entries from the same place on my list. And, there shouldn’t be any doubt that it will be there in my top three.

No: 2:
If New York is the night queen of the east, then the city of “San Francisco” holds a similar stature in the West. Do you still have any doubt? 🙂

No: 1:
I do not doubt that I would choose New York’s entry as one of my best pictures to frame any city in the US.

Let me know about your preference out of this list.

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