Vibrant colors :
In the world, there is an event that is so beautiful & new even when you are watching them almost daily. That’s what puzzled me always as to how we can recreate our life & make a promise to bring new me for the very next day, similar to vibrant sunsets. Yes. It is the end of the day. However, it brings the color of new rays of hope in your life. Hence, in Today’s post, I’ll share some of the memorable moments that I have captured over some time.
No: 15:
I was checking sunset in the west. In real meaning, watching sunsets from the pacific coast of California always gives you many unknown surprises that even a simple-looking landscape looks gorgeous with its color.

No: 14:
During 2016, I was visiting farmland near Tracy, California. During the evening, I find this frame was very interesting as the sun’s reflection through the glass palace signaling our tour was about to get over.

No: 13:
I took this picture in Richmond, Virginia, during my early stay in the US. The mystic color of the clouds by the sunset created a different kind of illusion.

No: 12:
It feels like the sun is warning all humans about our irresponsible ways of living – our treatment of the planet, nature, plants & other animals. Else, it will shower the wrath of its firepower at us through solar flames.

No: 11:
I took this picture somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean during our trip to Miami. I loved this cruise tour, especially for the sunset-venture.

No: 10:
I put this photo within the top ten due to the many nostalgias associated with it. Not to mention, this evening trip to “James Princep” monument gave me immense pleasure & a goose-bump considering the history associated with it.

No: 9:
You need not be an artist to feel the aesthetic sense of a sunset at Venice Beach in Los Angles, California. The vibrant pacific decorated by the sheer diversity of the sun makes it marvelous.

No: 8:
The city of Reno & the brilliant sunset will always be there in my life due to my sheer luck.

No: 7:
I’ve witnessed another charm of the sunset during my trip to Santa Monica sea-beach. You must have seen this beach in numerous Hollywood blockbusters. I must admit the view was even more beautiful than any of the pictures has ever captured.

No: 6:
I am fascinated by the sheer grandness of Yellowstone. This picture showed how a tiny charm of sunset color could add a little spice to the heart of a deep, dark forest.

No: 5:
I like this sunset at Key-west as one of my top five due to its composition & the family values in it.

No: 4:
I clicked this during my return trip from Las Vegas. I find it amazing how the sunset looked & added stunning color at the height of sixty thousand feet. The cloud acted as a “White-Carpet” for your homecoming welcome ceremony.

No: 3:
This sunset in New Jersey was one of the top three for various reasons. The dark blue sky sparkled with the yellow-orangish rays created an absolute transition to another world.

No: 2:
I like the overall composition of this picture—the reflections of boats, sunset colors showered all over the place.

No: 1:
I always have a soft-corner for San Francisco. And, especially, near Pier 39. And, the reason – you can see it yourselves. What else do you need when you get the stunner? 😀

Let me know your feedback on the same. Also, share your personal choice from this list.

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