Stunning Streets:
Today, I’ll be presenting fifteen of my personal favorites from the world of streets. I have captured these unique compositions in the US over a while. Let us explore.
No: 15:
The street of San Francisco, besides the Oracle stadium, is full of glamour & glitz.

No: 14:
The Beverly Hills is another glamour gem of LA, where the rich spend a bulk load of money during their idle time.

No: 13:
The streets of Florida are full of vibrant colors & unique, fun stalls, where they have lots of creative ideas to entertain tourists with a token of fees.

No: 12:
The following entry is again from the city of San Francisco during the rainy seasons as it offers a variety of diverse frames for the photographers.

No: 11:
Georgetown in DC is one of my favorite areas as this city holds many victorian & unique architecture, which always attracts me.

No: 10: 
How many days do you get accompanied by a bison in the street you share? This frame I captured during my trip to Yellowstone. 😀


No: 9:
San Francisco offers another variation during the Sunset due to its unique locations. And, the streets glow with the soft lights, creating an illusion.


No: 8:
The City of Joy, i.e., Kolkata, captured its true spirit with this unique tone. It reflects as one of the old city & former capital of India.


No: 7:
During the weekend, I had this opportunity to capture an empty street in the heart of LA. Trust me; this is not during the pandemic, much before 2019.


No: 6: 
It doesn’t matter what time the city is going through. These ground-level heroes perform on the street to manage the traffic with the same efficiency as in the pre-pandemic era.


No: 5:
Arlington is one of the popular cities, with some of the newest stylish buildings connected with a group of beautiful streets.

No: 4:
Another stunning frame from the city of San Francisco during the early morning winter with dense fog. It compelled me to think like someone creating live art in front of your naked eyes.

No: 3:
My top 3rd would be another beautiful gorgeous picture of Ballston – a city from Virginia. And, that makes it more memorable when you see a couple holding their hand, roaming around the place & exploring the street side cafes.

No: 2:
The streets of San Francisco are unique due to their heritage trams & the red color tracks that denote them. And the uphill & downhill trends make it more unique.

No: 1:
My best pick would be from the city of New York. This picture of Times Square during the pandemic shares completely different views. People are queuing for the Covid testing on the streets before traveling back home just after the 2021 Christmas due to the omicron variant increase.

Let me know your personal favorite from this list & also I would encourage you to list down all the names of the streets that I’ve presented here.

I’ll wait for your response. 😀

Meanwhile, I would recommend you strictly follow the pandemic rules & wear masks wherever it is applicable. 👍

My sincere best wishes to everyone!

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