Fabulous Flowers:
Today, I’ll be presenting fifteen of my personal favorites from the world of flowers. I have captured these unique flowers in the US over a while. Let us explore.
No: 15:
I roamed around Beverly Hills, Los Angles during the early winter of 2017 when I first spotted this unique flower. I don’t know the name of this flower. However, I like its unique form.

No: 14:
I visited New York central park during the early summer of 2015 when these flowers lay an eye-soothing layer of the parallel road just beside us. They formed a unique pattern & stretched over almost a mile. 

No: 13:
In early December 2015, the city of Sunnyvale is full of these kinds of flowers. Morning light creates the soft dim effect, makes it an exciting subject to capture.

No: 12:
Even when people are incredibly fond of the city of San Francisco for its gigantic building, glamorous lifestyles, friendly neighborhood – one thing they often miss as this city hosts a wide variety of beautiful flowers.

No: 11:
The following entry comes from the San Diego zoo. They, too, have a significant collection of flowers for apparent reasons.

No: 10:
The following entry is from Barkley, California. Another city surrounded by vibrant nature. To be precise – a great many flowers.

No: 9:
The following entry is from Kolkata’s (Formerly known as Calcutta, India) iconic “Blue & Beyond” hotel’s rooftop terrace.

No: 8:
The following image I captured during my first visit to the USA. I came to Richmond, Virginia. That was the first time I had the opportunity to go through some random places where I captured this frame.

No: 7:
I like this composition as it creates a translucent effect. I captured it during my travel to Dublin, California. Incidentally, that was closed to my home.

No: 6:
The following group of flowers is from Santa Cruz, California. The light pink tone would give it a diverse look.

No: 5:
My fifth entry is from San Jose, California, as this image echoes the circle of life. It showed three phases of life. One who just started growing, another who has grown to its peak & the last one is just before its death.

No: 4:
My fourth entry is from San Francisco State University. The university holds a big campus with plenty of trees & flowers.

No: 3:
My third favorite is my micro-experiment with flowers back at home in San Ramon. And, the water crystal turned out to be the center of attraction.

No: 2:
My second favorite entry would be again from the City of San Ramon, California. The flower shown in this picture is highly fragile & relatively small. And, to capture that in a windy situation was a bit tricky.

No: 1:
My personal favorite would be this flower from the city of Orlando, Florida. The beautiful & giant compound of NASA accommodates some of the finest collections of flowers.

Let me know your personal favorite from this list & also I would encourage you to list down all the names of the flowers that I’ve presented here.

I’ll wait for your response. 😀

Meanwhile, I would recommend you strictly follow the pandemic rules & wear masks wherever it is applicable. 👍

My sincere best wishes to everyone!

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