Animal Kingdom:
We, humans, are part of the same species. Some of them are equivalent to us in terms of intelligence. A very few might have superior intelligence—however, the majority of them short of some of our capabilities. We know them as “Animals.”

Today, I’ll be discussing my top fifteen animal photos that I took over some time.

Let’s dive-in.

No: 15:
My first photo in this category will be this half-submerged hippo from San-Diego. Though, many “Hollywood” movies portray them as very friendly. But, indeed, they are not that friendly. However, they always busy sun-tanning & spending their time with fewer incidents.

No: 14:
This bull-pack in Charlotte farm was enjoying their summer sun rays after a chilly winter.

No: 13:
I’m always fond of pets. It is fun when you see your attention-seeking pet doing something to get your appreciation & posing you for a photoshoot. Would you not go for it? 😛

No: 12:
This cat caught my attention because of its deep green eyes.

No: 11:
I like the activities of my next subject. Our neighbor – the tiny little squirrel, is surveilling the entire areas from outside alien’s threats – I believe. 😀

No: 10:
Another big-brother from the neighboring tree was busy picking food.

No: 9:
What should I call it? “The Pirates of the San-Ramon-ian”? 😀

No: 8:
Yellowstone is a place full of animals. And, no wonder you would get to see such a majestic walker.

No: 7:
These blue whales are considered the most intelligent animals.

No: 6:
They are cleaver to seize food from the tourists. So, you got to be very careful apart from your safety.

No: 5:
Taking some sunbath – I guess. Busy day ahead!

No: 4:
Penguins are intelligent, social animals, just like we humans. And, their interactions, activities mimic us in many ways.

No: 3:
I consider this picture as one of my top three due to its composition. Not to mention, it is worth waiting for. 🙂

No: 2:
It shouldn’t be surprised for us to consider my next subject as the closest to humans. I was watching their kid’s activity – almost similar to human babies.

No: 1:
My personal favorite would be this squirrel mom. She represents eternal motherhood among any animals, including humans. She was transferring her kids from one tree to another tree because of the fire. And she was exhausted during the process. Yet, she always kept her eyes or ear open & sometimes she was taking rest (not even more than three seconds to avoid any attack on her babies) & finally managed her kids to bring them to their new house. 😀

Let us know your personal favorite from this list. Stay safe & keep yourself healthy & happy. 🙂

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