A place will stay in your heart forever:
One of the fascinating places to visit is the Grand Teton national park, which is adjacent to the magnificent Yellowstone National Park. I remember that we had finished our brunch in one of the food court inside the Yellowstone National Park at 11 AM. It was a perfect day with a temperature around 27-degree Celcius & a bright sunny day. Who won’t like such charming weather? After our breakfast, my buddy, Indranil da, started his car engine.

The above picture showed our way to reach the best places in Grand Teton park. 

We drove for almost 2 hours. The roads were pretty uneven & at many places, they are spiraling above significant altitude. I cannot describe those moments in words.  On the one hand, I was so excited to view such stunning landscapes; on the other hand, the journey was quite scary because of its road.

However, during this time, our buddy took a detour & to our complete surprise, we reached one point, which we didn’t even think that we might see such a place. You will feel like watching the whole frame through a Hollywood lens. In a word, I would describe it as “Magnificant.” 

What do you think about this marvelous place? Let me know in your comment. We observed the calmness of this serene place for an hour. Then we started our journey again.

We reached the visitor center right before 2 PM local time. Indranil da bought some souvenirs with him. I bought some food items & water along with one gift-item, which I was planning to bring it home for my wife. Now, we needed to go to the main attraction. And, to reach there, we had to come to the south for an additional 20 miles & then again, we had to take the north-bound parallel road to reach our destination. The other location resides almost the opposite side of the above place posted here. 

At times, the roads were sometimes very narrow. And, we were going through a vast valley & the Grand Teton series stood still beside our path. At one particular point, we found one exit our highway. There was a side road, which came down almost 1000 miter from the main road & ends near one gorgeous valley. A small river that started from one of the hills was flowing like a snake through the valley, creating a real live canvas.


Finally, we reached that place at 3 PM local time. I was awestruck with its sheer beauty & gigantic nature in mind. You would feel how tiny we humans are compared to our environment. Yet, we’re consuming it, misusing it & on many occasions; we’re destroying it knowingly or unknowingly. However, places like this would remind all of us that we can live with nature with pure harmony.

Our guide told us, the village formed with few Christian families & they were maintaining the entire neighborhood & also vowed to protect its surroundings. However, they now moved to a different place to protect the integrity of this place, keeping this place as a Museum to promote the heritage of Grand Teton village.  

We also witnessed many such important heritage buildings that include storeroom, farmhouse & many more. We spent an overall 3 hours over there. It was worth going. 

I’ll come up with another of my journey experience with all of you. Let me share your feedback.
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