Best of 2022:

I apologize for the missing monthly installment of posts due to some engagements. Hence, I want to bring my personal best throughout the entire year of 2022.
Leesburg (VA):
If you talk about the photographer’s love, that should interpret how difficult that subject is to capture in your dream frame. The following frame I captured was where this lady stood on the wing of a highly acrobatic plane in the middle of the sky (at a height of 2000 ft+). 


Chantilly (VA):
One of the biggest, most stylish, modern-day marvels that were introduced & successfully operated in the Armed-force. 

One Loudon (VA):
One can compel to capture some random shots once you are inside Barnes & Noble.  

Ashburn (VA):
I didn’t even spend a second once I saw this frame during the fall in Ashburn. 

One Loudon (VA):
My last post is also from One Loudon’s B&N. Again, I couldn’t resist capturing their Christmas decoration.

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