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Special Moments

An excellent final curtain at Miami
May 5, 2020

Traveling to Miami means you are getting out of the busy schedule & immersing in the world of water-sports, which releases all your stress. I cherished the excitement in beautiful & gorgeous Miami & its surroundings in every second. An unforgettable memory that will be there with me forever.

One day trip to Sea-World
April 25, 2020

Orlando was a fun-loving trip with friends. It was pure fun & release all your stress by participating in childhood like adventures. For one day, you became a child with no rules.

NASA - Memorable Trip in the US
April 19, 2020

NASA is the place for everyone, especially people who love science, technology along with a bunch of excitement & adventure. Perhaps one of the leading & pioneering site for wannabe Astronauts. My journey tries to capture all the excitement & exploration opportunities that are present for a common man.

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